Reflective Journal

July 9

We had the lecture from Joanna Simpson and Mark Thomason this morning about collboration in work.From the talk,we saw a lot of work they created together and that was amazing. Jo based in fashion and Mark is based in graphic. Jo is the stylist in the work and she would co-operate with photograher, make-up artist to finish the job because they are all good in their own field but cant be an expert in every area so they need collboration. Mark also showed us some work like his company co-operate with a book company to design and made some nice notebook when they put both of their benifit into one project and then they created some very nice work.

From this presentaion, I got more understanding about our current project,Co-Create. By mixture of students in defident subjects like I am in jewellery and my partner Gura is from fashion womenswear, we can both use my knowledge in defident areas to co-create  something.By Wednesday, we have already got to know each other very well and got the ideas about what we want to do for  the project. I am lucky because I got a good partner who is happy to disscuss with her ideas and negociable so we can work out some ideas that are both acceptable to both of us. On Tuesday we have tested some sample experence in workshop and that is really helpful.

At the end of class today, tutor told us there will be an exhibition for our outcome in King's Cross campus next week which is so exciting. It will be the first time that my work is showing on public.But I am also a little bit worried that the comment I might get. Anyway,I am so exciting about it and I will try to finish the project well.


June 25

Since my tutorial, I have some thinking of improving my quick sketch's confidence. The first thing I need to change the way I draw, pratice and use continuous line to draw. On my way to school by bus, I started to sketch on my reflective jounral. And surprisely, I got a good conment from my classmate today when he happened to see my quick sketch.

In today's workshop, I learned about perspective drawing which I learnt before. But with the detailed explain and more practice, I got more ideas about draw perspective. The workshop in the afternoon is quick drawing about body figure. We switch to be model and draw in a very quick way. It has so much fun to draw in quick, strong quick illustration and the illustration shows more confidence and effective.


June 23

I had a one-to-one turtorial today with my personal tutor: Thomas Nelson. By looking though my sketch book and workflow, Tom really made some pertinent comments and helpful advices for me. From my early project, I did not have enough research connect to the project. With progress of project work and the skills of research, I have improved the lack of research. But my experiment of model making is not enough so far and my drawing still need to improve,especially the quick sketch is lack with confidence. In order to improve that, I would use my spare time like on my way home by bus/tube or waiting time to pratice quick sketch daily.


Study support



We had the group turtorial with Polin M in CSM's library today. I was a little bit confusing when I got there because I did not know how the turtorial work and is it helpful to me. After the whole study section, I do learn how to locate the library resource that I needed to improve my research. What's more, I have learnt the circle thinking of research and how it can help me in my project. It is really useful and worthful to go.

After the turtorial, I used the skill that the librain taught us to research for my current project- working class heroes. And it did helped me to find some great book about military and weapons in 391.


Exhibition of Co-create project

July 30th.

There is an exhibition of our final outcome in Co-create project in CSM for weeks and we had a private view this afternoon.

I felt really exciting about my works are showing on public because it is the first time. But compared with other student's work, I found our piece is not that exciting and we still have so many improvement to do. I think the quality of our final piece is not good enough and the model choice is not matching very well. The style of the bag design is more suitable to hipster but our model is a cute style girl.

I was impressed about the exhibition. It is organized regularly and it is also a co-create project by photographer and graphic designer. What I learnt most from the exhibition is that co-operation is really important. Nobody can be perfect in every areas,it is really good to use some other people's help to complete your work.


Part 2 Reflection

The study in Foundation Plus in Central Saint Martin is really a good experience. What I have particularly enjoyed in the course so far is the facility of workshop. We got wood workshop, plastic workshop casting workshop and metal workshop here which is very useful for us 3D group students. And there are some technicans that are very helpful and kindly to help us. With these helps, whatever my idea is achievable which can help me to develop my skill and creation in my course.

Because of workflow, I think what I have improved a lot in this course is reflection. At the beginning, I did not really get use to reflect what I did everyday. With process in the course, I have become more and more reflective now. When I do something, I would rethink is it useful, helpful. Which part is good? Which part is improvable? Since being on Foundation Plus, I have taken part in study support and it helped me to improve my research skill. There is a huge art library in Central Saint Martin with thousands of study resource for research. And with study support and librarian’s help, I have learnt how to find the information I need and related resource of it. All this has helped me to improve my research a lot. Especially at the beginning of the project, I would do a brain storm now to explore a lot of possibility of ideas and make the clue about research now.

When I am studying in Foundation Plus, I really found a lot of challenges like drawing and model making. Since we have these professional machines now, we can make out model in a better quality but I am not getting use to all the machines yet so I just could not handle it well to make the model nicely. Like what I made in the Working Class Heroes project, I want to make a handpiece in metal but I could not finish it as I expect because I did not control the drilling machine well so the metal piece broke. But I did learnt my lesson and it reminds me that I need to be consider more in my design and how to make it further on.

The most successful project for now might be the Working Class Heroes because I improved my research a lot in that project. And good research helped me to discover and develop later. The whole process of this project is the most complete one for now.

My subject in undergraduate is jewellery design in 3D. Before I decided my subject, I experienced into different subject areas and then decided that most interesting one for me. And I had taken some short courses about jewellery in UAL before which gave me the premier study of jewellery and that also influenced me when I was choosing my subjects. My strength in Jewellery Design is that I have the strong 3d imagination and creative ability. And when I am designing something, I am not just making things up but really discover the meaning and concept behind it. And I am really a hardworking student. I believe that if I want something and I try all my best to achieve it, then I can get it eventually.

By now, I am really looking forward to my future course. I went to visit the degree show of Central Saint Martins Jewellery Design and there were plenty of interesting design I really like. What impress me a lot is they are all in different style with a very strong personality. In my future, I hope CSM is the open mind college as I expected so I can get very good help in my study and discover my style and work as my personal preference.


During the rest of the course, I still need to improve my drawing skill by practice more and more. What is more, I think I need to improve my reflection in more circulated way. While I am working in my project, I need to be more confident in what I have found and used my research, especially primary research more effectively. As jewellery is a really technical area, I would work harder to improve my model making technique so that I can make what is in my mind become a real outcome.



This week's project is to co-create something in pairs. My partner is Gura,subject specialism is womenswear.We were given an object from CSM museum and studied it and found inspiration from it then co-operate something. Our chosen object is the Glass Piece made by Caroline Moiret in 2009. We were both happy with the obeject because we both liked transparent effect and it got some layers inside which had the nice reflection.

We did some research based on the introduction of the object,like glass,reflraction and light. Then we decided to experience about reflraction on transparent base.On Tuesday, I experimented about adding things onto the transparent aryclic board. Those experciences are quite helpful because we decided to make a bag with this 3D effect on it to be the eye-catching part. I also tried to make a paper bag as reference to let my partern developed it to our final outcome.

Our final outcome is a plastic bag around with arylic board.Our design based on the initial response to the object.With considering of the weight, the object we saw is quiet heavy but we used arylic board to be the outline to keep the strong outline and then used plastic bag to be the main bag part which is very light and they become a strong contrast.


Comments on crit


Brighton Rock

At the beginning of this project, we went to Brighton to do primary research. It is a great oppotutity to research what Brighton is and discovered that we are interested in. We had got the brief on Friday from last week so we could do some secondary research before we went to Brighton. However, I did not do the research during weekend so I had no clue when I got there. It is not good because my research become desultory and it is kind of a waste of the day. When I got back London and started to explore my research, I was not confident about what I had done in Brighton, so my idea development actually not really related to Brighton well. 

I knew I did not finish the primary research in Brighton very well so I tried to catch up on the later parts of the project.I did some research about sealife in Brighton because I thought Brighton can not be the same city without the sea and I saw sealife is very inportant in Brighton's life. I developed some idea from sealife and tried my best to make the model in workshop. I am quiet happy with my model of the design even though it is not exactly like I drew but it had represent the concept and idea I wanted to show.

On Friday, we had this group crit by showing our work in the exhibition and looked around of other's work and made comment.

From the comments I got about my work, I am surprised that some people said they like my illustration because drawing usually is not my proud part but it maybe the payback of practice. And some people gave me the advices of thinking about the color of the model which I made in all clean. It is good to have a crit like this and got others advices which can help me to look at my work impersonaly.


From A to B workshop

Download IMG_6243.MOV [1.98MB]

This is a one-day workshop with Hollie Paxton about Line Drawing. We started with a mood board to collect some images about the theme-journey. My mood board is too busy because I put all the pictures too big on it. When I got home, I remake the mood board with more consideration. And then we used steel wires to make some models connected two part of our own body. I chose the neck and a hand to connect with. In the afternoon, we had  the look and draw task which was asked us to chose part of the shape on the mood board and changed the shape and repeat to create a piece of jewellery. In the last section, we have one hour to make the model but I just made part of the model.The shape of my design is not easy to make in such a short time so I experimented with some aryclic boards to make the sample.


Twine Drawing

This is the process of twine drawing.We started with quick drawing ideas and then discussed with the whole group. I chose two drawing ideas I like then developed into one piece. And then I transfered the idea into a working drawing in scale so I can show the technician in the workshop. With technician's help, I cut the wood board exactly in my design size and then I nailed pins onto the wood board and use twine to draw the pattern I designed.
With our tutor, Katherine's advices, I position my model in different backgrounds to take photo shooting. And I really like the one present in front of the yellow background which shows a big contrast between the colors. While I was designed it, I had already thought about how to apply it onto human's body so it can be hold in hand as a hand piece jewelry.


This is the first project we really working something in 3 dimensional. I am quite interesting in stack-up something to make my totem sculpture.

When we are experiment of totem making, I made it too complicated at the beginning. With our tutor's advice, my experimence got better then and create some interesting totem I really like. With the images of these totems, I tried to apply it onto jewellery but I did not think about the theme and what I would develop further quiet well. My project is more let go with my interest. However, I had the idea about fruit battery and design the abstract shape about my totem and connected it to my body as the battery.

As for me, I am not really happy with this project. Because I did not have enough research of it so my design is not connective to the concept of totem. 


Archway Life

What was your initial response to Archway as a subject for a drawing project?

It is a good chance to know the area we are studying in. But it is also let me feel stressful to draw in public because I am not confident of my quick drawing.

Which research references from the Bibliography did you use? How did they affect your project?

Lauderabe House(In Whittington Park).It inspired me to have the idea and concept for my project is theme. With observation, I found there are really a lot of nature in the Archway's urban space.

Select a drawing technique or approach to drawing that you used in this project.(e.g.. drawing with both hands/blind contour drawing) What were the limitations of this approach/ Experiment with looking(look from the upside(90 degree)).

The limitation of the approach is the angle of looking is quite hard to get the perspective concept of the subject to draw.

What were the benefits of this approach to drawing?

It is good to observe the object from the new angle to find something new and interesting.

Select a drawing material that you used in this project.(e.g.. pencil / collage) What were the limitations of this material?

Pencil. The limitation of pencil is easy to be thick and it is not easy to sharp the pencil onside which can draw the page into messy.

What were the benefits of this materials?

Pencil is a good tool to do quick sketch and record the structure of the object.

What feedback have you had about your drawings? How can you use this feedback?

Introduce the key reference from research. When I am doing my project later, I can look for more reference and use them into my project and record it into the sketch book.

How effectively do you feel your drawings respond to the project brief?Explain why.

I think I have achieve the goals of the project. Because I show my opinion of Archway and the characters in this area is obvious in my drawing. From my drawing, it can communicate with people about what archway is.

Does it relate to Archway? Did you look at Archway in an individual way?Describe how you decided what to record. Do you decide on a theme? Did the brainstorming session help with choosing a theme? Is this something you could do independently?

My theme relates to Archway and I looked for details in some places not very obvious. I recorded things when I found differences with what I saw previously. My theme is successful because Archway is a place between urban and suburban which has not fully developed. Thus, wild plants have chances to grow up in urban such as growing in the gap of the walls. The brainstorming helped me to identified more materials and techniques which help me improve my theme.



What was your initial response to the project brief?

I think it is a very suitable project to begin our Foundation Plus course. Because Self-portrait is about introduce myself to the new class and experience many new and creative ideas of photo-shooting is quite useful to siut myself into the new class.

What were your most and least successful experiments?(explain why)

My most successful experiment is to put the balloons onto my fingers and took pictures in different background like exploring the world with my curisity. My least successful experiment is that I wanted to carry several balloons to take pictures but I could not find hydrogen so it can not fly up.

What did you want to communicate through your final portrait?How did you try to achieve this?(explain how you made choices,eg the lighting,situation,props,framing point of view)

My project is in order to introduce the exciting and curious feeling about coming London. My final is me playing around with balloons to show my emotion.Different colours balloons like different feelings about London,happy,lonely,worry,etc. And I chose the white clean background to photoshoot so it has more spaces to image.

Reflect on the crit/any feedback you had about your work. What did other people say about your self-portrait? Do you agree? Explain your response to this feedback.

When I chose the image to crit,I just chose one of the whole series so it is not effective enough.I think showing the whole series photos would be more interesting which shows the whole movement of the story.

What have you learnt? If you were doing the project again what would you do differently?

From other's self-protrait,I saw some used very good techniques like collage to make the protrait more vivid. If I am going to do the project again, I would try to collage my photos with different background to make it more like a jounry.


The Working Class Heroes

During the Working Class Heroes project, Helmert Robbertsen and Hollie Paxton came to tutorial us about design and workshop making. When they viewed  my sketch book,they advised me to do more idea sketch before go to the workshop, and commended that my research is good. I used my morning to draw some sketch and made the paper model and then go to the workshop in the afternoon. It is only an afternoon to make the model in metal and I did not get used to every machine so my final model is not as I expected. But it is really a good chance to experiment and try to make something in the limited time and working in metal. I thought I do learnt a lot in this project.




CSM jewellery degree show

June 20.

It is so great to meet up my undergrate course's tutors and classmates before the course start and have some nice talk with them.

The degress show of CSM jewellery is so increible. I saw so many genius ideas and interesting techniques of making.

There is a ring collection from Nicola Chan, who emphasis on the relationship between jewellery and the human body. She used metal as base material and explore other materials that accompanies with it. Her collection inspired by the antique swords which is similar to my latest project- working class heroes. She experiment and figure the connection of human's hand with sword holding and made some really beautiful rings.

Ruiyin Lin's work is more about 3D print but its creativity is those jewellery work were printed by metal. I can feel the weight when I hold it but it is really experimental of new techniques in the field. Leonid Dementiev's collection is about lighting jewellery which is quite playful. And he was so nice to show me some good effect of the jewellery pieces with LED lights. His collection is made by electric wires, light bulb and metal(silver). It is another lovely mixture with different materials. 

My favourite one is Qing Lei's collection. She said her inspiration is a missing precious diamond called The French Blue and imagine they still have a presence. She create a great effect by molding the structure of diamond onto the aryclic then her jewellery pieces is all transparent. But when I lighted on it, I can see the fabulous diamond's shape in the shadow. It is so amazing that made me breathless!



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